MONTHLY DESIGNER INSPIRATION: OUT OF THE BLUE DesignerInspiration Blue 01 This month's Designer Inspiration: Out of the Blue was created by Graphic Designer, Elijah Wegele. CLICK HERE to view his inspiration.

Why have you selected this color?

I have always just liked the color blue, but as I get older and dive further into the design industry, I’ve started to figure out why I like it. Blue is a color sometimes used to visually represent tranquility, calmness, relaxation and peace. It’s not overly stimulating (usually), but it gives a sense of emotion and feeling. A basic blue is classic and reliable, and with only a few adjustments, it can transform into something edgy and fresh.

Why inspires you about this color?

Blue mainly inspires me because of how incredibly versatile it is. Generally, blue looks good on just about anything; something that colors like chartreuse have a hard time doing.  It’s also not fair to compare the color blue to a specific color like chartreuse, because blue includes so many great variations. There are endless possibilities in design when you consider all of the hues and values of blue!