Designer Inspiration Jason Rieke Bar Napkin Productions This month's Designer Inspiration: White Out was created by Project Manager, Jason Rieke. CLICK HERE to view his inspiration.

Why have you selected this color?

White is the absence of pigment, or a color without hue when referring to paints and is the inclusion of all colors when referring to light. White holds a meaning of perfection, cleanliness, the good, simplicity, strength and new.

Why inspires you about this color?

White is a versatile color. It can be a canvas for the art or it can be the art. White has the ability to provide a perfectly neutral backdrop to any space. A white interior in a museum allows the art to stand out as the most prominent aspect of a space. A white room with a red piece of furniture immediately puts all the emphasis on the colored object and provides a very impactful experience. Likewise, the addition of a white space to an existing structure, emphasizes the white as new and brings it to the forefront as a new object contrasting against the backdrop of an existing context. White objects become different colors depending on the quality of light in a space. Morning sun can create an orange/red object. Midday sun creates a pure white object. Other objects can also reflect their color onto a white object. A faceted white object with a single light source becomes a multitude of shades of gray.