“This is certainly a pretty place – marble, glass, and a community table in case you’re planning on a sweet play date with a friend or two.” – Phoenix New Times

21 Cakes. Not 20. Not 22. 21 Cakes. This simple name came from the bakery chef's love of the original 21 Club in New York City. The chef also believed very strongly about the freshness and immediacy of the products themselves. The retail outlet became a theater for the kitchen, showcasing the actual cooking process. Straight from the oven into customers hands!

Bar Napkin Productions exhibited this directness and simplicity in the development of the logo, graphics, menu, packaging, cups, social media platforms, uniforms and signage. Black typography was set against a clean white background that implies the freshness of the cupcakes. Then, to add a modern touch, an elegant hue of purplish blue was added as an accent.

The packaging uses either clean white or classic and authentic raw cardboard materials. Custom accent stickers and ribbons were created to seal the packaging and add the 21 Cakes imprimatur as a reminder of the handcrafted nature of the cupcakes.