HALE CAPRI0 No trip to Italy is complete without a trip to the Amalfi Coast. I could write a week about this area alone. But I have narrowed it down to Capri for today. It is a true gem amongst the rough of southern Italy. If you've been to Naples you know what I mean. I had the most amazing girls trip with my best friend Melissa (above) last year. Both of us left wishing we had spent a few more days on this lovely island.




The entrance is misleading as it is small and nondescript. But walk down the path a few more feet and the grounds open up to a stunning tiered garden overlooking the water and Grotto (mentioned below). The zigzag pathway is a work of art unto its own that consists of an almost 100 meter drop along the edge lined with beautiful flower and plant life. This site is perfect for the quintessential photo opportunity.


Hop on a boat for a tour of the blue cave. As the sun passes through the water the entire cave is illuminated with a blue glow. Ancient Roman sculptures have been recovered from the days of Emperor Tiberius. There are rumors that more treasure lies beneath.



This profumeria is located on the site of a former monastery. The story dates back to the late 1300's where it's rumored that the father prior picked a bouquet of flowers from the island. After three days, when he went to toss the flowers he caught a whiff of the the water left in the vase that gave off the most amazing aroma. That recipe was later discovered in 1948, the company received permission from the Pope and the rest is history. Regardless of the story, the scents are fresh and one-of-a-kind. My personal favorite is Mediterraneo.



Under the fragrant lemon trees you will dine with amazing device and fresh dishes served with the added lightness of lemon from their trees.



Some may say that the best place to stay is the gold 5-star standard of the Grand Hotel Quissana. But I prefer something with a little more charter and not so cliche. Capri Tibero is full of surprises. For example, the photo above is the patio from my room. This was a standard room! The staff, the decor, the rooms, the aperitifs are all done with class and a little attitude. This place is on my top 10 list of places around the world and serves major props!! A little insider tip…. The Italians love Capri (for good reason) and will fill up the rooms fro Jun through August. However, the core staff starts working and training in May. You can get a great rate with amazing service if you stay the last week in May.