Juic,d Life

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The name was chosen to focus attention on this aspect of the brand. The unique spelling of "juiced" as "juic,d" seeks to modernize and energize the brand. Rather than focusing on the ingredients the product was shown in people's hands as they lived their lives. Biking, mountain climbing, doing yoga, walking, playing and living. 

The logo itself uses the comma as the brand's signature "drip." This drip shows up repeatedly in print, packaging, web and signage as a bullet point marker. The "c" and "d" form an implied fruit or vegetable that becomes the juice product "dripping" into your life. 

The simplicity of the black type on a white background implies a hygienic freshness and also allows for the colors of the fresh-juiced products to vibrantly pop out and display their energy and desirableness.

Voted as the best juicing company in the valley by Arizona Foothills Magazine

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