Copper Blues Live



CB Live at Desert Ridge is an exciting epicenter where all things entertainment, music and comedy are combined! This electrifying space is for anyone looking to experience a fun-filled atmosphere featuring the pure thrill of live bands, all-star comedy acts and a fully loaded menu. CB Live is a transformative venue allowing for a variety of show stopping performances while American bar bites, brews and specialty cocktails flow. A unique moveable, sound-insulated double wall system allows for two acts to perform in the venue simultaneously. Exposed copper pipes span across the ceiling acting as funnels to 60+ draught beers as vibrant wall graphics and textured surfaces add the fine balance of raw materials and warmth. An array of seating options, an inviting bar and a welcoming patio ignite guests to bring out their inner rock and roll.


"CB Live will be the icon of entertainment venues, marking the evolution of the Copper Blues brand and leading the way in the future of restaurant and live entertainment."

The Arizona Republic

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