Harkins Camelview



This is a new mecca for loyal movie enthusiasts to cherish and call their home for generations to come. Inspired by classic movie sound-stages this sound-stage like space features classic motifs including super-sized concrete like tile panels, huge stage doors, massive lighting trusses and large canopy “trees” that honored the original theatre’s much loved canopy “mushrooms.” Other details include a video “film strip” scrolling the vast collection of classic movie posters, key images from favorite old movies, along with hidden objects to be discovered that are mementos from famous films of yore. Subtle backlighting throughout also allows for glowing color changing columns, which adds excitement to the entire movie going experience.


“It was the premier art house movie theater in Phoenix. As hard as it is to see the old Camelview go, its reincarnation is better than we could have hoped for… fans will be wowed by the state-of-the-art (theater). Art is the operative word here, for what made the old Camelview remarkable is reborn and reimagined in the new cineplex.”


Harkins Camelview Ticket Booth Interior Design
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