Henry's Tavern



With its roots in an ages old Portland brewery, Henry’s Tavern embodies the three “H’s” of the brand – history, heritage and heartbeat. History through historical imagery set against a backdrop of brick, aged-wood, black steel and leather. Heritage through its open display of it’s 100 beers on tap keg display. Heartbeat through the updated and energetic digital, print, uniform and packaging graphics including historical building and tap handle references set in black against a golden-ale colored background.


"If you know about Henry’s Tavern, then you’ve either heard about
its 100 beers on tap or its awesome game-day atmosphere.”


Henry's Tavern menu design
Henry's Tavern logo design
Henry's Tavern branding logo glass
Henry's Tavern Interior Design
Henrys Tavern Ceiling.jpg


Henrys Tavern Bar.jpg
Henrys Tavern Exterior.jpg