Branding: Phillips Seafood House


An award-winning crab cake made from locally-caught Maryland Blues and served piping hot alongside shrimp that was pulled from the ocean just the day before: it's the epitome of Phillip's Seafood House's dedication to water-to-table meals and the reason the Ocean City staple has been running full-sail since 1956. When we were asked to update the restaurant's menus, we wanted its focus on fresh, as well as its flavorful past, to carry over. It was important for us to honor the rich history of the Seafood House while also placing it in the here-and-now, where it could continue to offer upstanding service to the Maryland community for countless seasons to come. Enter bold text, a complement to the old-world charm of the eatery's current logo, and subdued blue, a hue reminiscent of the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean, into our redesign. The result is a series of à la carte, happy hour, and to-go menus that are deliciously timeless, just like the food that inspired them.