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Our goal with Atlasta Catering was to articulate their 37+ year history of catering delicious food, creating one of a kind events, and being a sustainability leader in the food and beverage industry. A modern and vibrant website design honors Atlasta Catering’s mission for delivering a farm-to-table cuisine while intriguing users to explore their various services and passion for sustainability. The brand’s online aesthetic seamlessly displays intriguing food and event imagery that is compatible to mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. In addition, the website features excellent functionality, custom graphics, and multiple transition effects inspired by Earth tones and a crisp typography. This fully responsive layout is crafted to keep users engaged while provoking interest into exploring the brand's additional capabilities and informative content.

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Custom digital and print collateral including menus, food packaging, media ads, and marketing materials reflect the brand’s core specialties. The rebranded logo was designed to express the brand’s food and dining relationship while effortlessly attracting a demographic that would connect to a clean eating and mindful lifestyle. 

Thoughtful social media and marketing campaigns assisted in creating a cohesive digital aesthetic representing the brand’s vision and continued success in food sustainability and creating memorable events.

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