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The face of the brand starts with the Henry’s Tavern logo which incorporates a silhouette of the original Portland brewery building complex. In a variation for signage it turns into a stylized beer tap handle reminding customers of the beer centric focus. 

The menu, leather-like menu vehicle, website, social media platforms and collateral pieces use historical images, references and story telling to reinforce the three “H’s” of the brand. Honest but playful black type on a slightly gray textured background is enhanced with golden accents which bring warmth as well as a reminder of the golden color of traditional ales.


"If you know about Henry’s Tavern, then you’ve either heard about
its 100 beers on tap or its awesome game-day atmosphere.”
– The Seattle Times

 Henry's Tavern menu design
 Henry's Tavern logo design
 Henry's Tavern branding logo glass
 Henry's Tavern Interior Design