The Strand



Revolving exclamation mark signage invites guests into this hip, urban Italian restaurant where pasta is king and playfully sings the praises of its signature item, pasta. This pasta noodle form is seen intertwined to create its logo, in glowing pendant lights and in all of its digital, print, packaging, uniforms and signage. With it’s pasta-gold set against Italian-red affixed onto a plate-like circle, this signature style evokes it’s authentic, fresh and honest Italian origins. Guests enjoy the satisfying dishes in the custom pavilion-like booths. Pasta is king!


“The Strand helps our palate and overall sense of style become a little more sophisticated.”


The Strand Tshirt.jpg
The Strand Restaurant Packaging Design
Restaurant Exterior Signage Design
The Strand Restroom Lighting.jpg
The Strand Interior Booth.jpg
The Strand Table Numbers.jpg